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In aspiring expat, city girl, dreams, london, magic, writing on May 17, 2011 at 9:58 am

change can truly be terrifying, yet it is really the only thing a person can depend on fully.

i suppose there are people out there who heartily accept the changing winds and turn it into solar power with the greatest of ease. i am not that person.

now, i have big dreams and deep passions, but when it comes to taking a leap and making a change, sometimes i struggle with letting go of things. i get caught up in realism and forget that sometimes change is fraught with fear, compromise, and risk.

most of you know of my adoration of london and all things british. for about five years i’ve poured over visa applications and read about the government. i’ve talked to immigration counsellors and followed the politics of the country closely.

i was less than pleased when david cameron stepped into office, as he’s a conservative and went to work quickly to limit (even more) immigration. now, realistically i understand this. personally, this is no good for my chances at a visa.

anyway, lately i’ve made a few strides toward my dream of expatriation, and it’s quite exciting. i’ll keep you posted on my journey to londontown.


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